Mental Well-Being Program Guide for Leaders

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Understanding the Mental Well-Being Program


The Mental Well-Being Program provides free and confidential mental health counseling for coworkers and their families to help address the issues that impact their personal and work lives. This mental health benefit is provided by Kwik Trip and powered by ERC: Counselors & Consultants.


There are three ways that coworkers can access the benefit: self-referral, informal referral, and formal referral.


A self-referral occurs when a coworker seeks out the Mental Well-Being Program on their own to help address a mental health concern. You do not need to take any action in these cases and won’t know when a coworker uses the benefit through self-referral unless they tell you. Regularly reminding coworkers about the program can help encourage them to self-refer when needed. This is the most common way that coworkers and their families access the benefit.

Informal Referral

An informal referral happens when a leader becomes aware of a personal issue affecting a coworker and encourages the coworker to reach out to the Mental Well-Being Program for help. You might consider this option if an employee shares about the death of a loved one, an illness in the family, or another personal struggle. It’s a great way to show that you care. You do not need to take any further action, and the choice to use the program is entirely up to the individual. Again, you will not know if the employee uses the benefit unless they tell you.

Formal / Mandated Referral

A formal or mandated referral occurs when leadership identifies performance problems and refers the coworker to the Mental Well-Being Program to address the issues impacting performance. It’s often part of a performance improvement plan. You, the leader, are still responsible for managing the coworker’s performance. For more information or to set up a mandatory referral, contact Kwik Trip’s HR Employment Team.

Communicating the Benefit to Coworkers

Regularly sharing information about the Mental Well-Being Program with coworkers is one of the greatest drivers of benefit utilization. It’s about making sure that the Mental Well-Being Program is top of mind when coworkers and their families have a need. We want to provide you with tools and strategies to make promoting the benefit simple and easy within your organization. There are a number of tips and resources highlighted below for you to use, and we recommend that you try a few to see what works best for your workplace.

Mental Well-Being Program Guide for Coworkers Webpage

For a digital resource that provides the must-know information for coworkers, look no further than the webpage guide. It covers the basics of the Mental Well-Being Program with an explainer video, step-by-step guide to using the benefit, FAQ, and contact details.

Three important things coworkers should know about the program:

1. Counseling is confidential (HIPAA protected) and Kwik Trip won’t know who uses it.

2. The program is 100% free for them, their spouse, dependents, and immediate household members to use.

3. To schedule an appointment or access services, call 1-800-222-8590.

Explainer Video for Coworkers

The on-demand explainer video is simple to access and can be shared with coworkers and their eligible family members to learn about the Mental Well-Being Program. Consider emailing the link to coworkers or playing the video at store meetings. The explainer video is included in the Coworker Mental Well-Being Program Guide.

Additional Promotional Materials for Coworkers

The following downloadable resources are designed to help you communicate the Mental Well-Being Program to your coworkers and their eligible family members. Consider adding these to new hire welcome packets, hanging them on bulletin boards, or putting them in communal coworker spaces.

Mental Well-Being Program Poster


Mental Well-Being Program Flyer


Mental Well-Being Program Screen Slides


Top 10 Reasons Poster


A Note to Leaders

You play a very important role in normalizing mental health within the workplace and supporting use of the Mental Well-Being Program. You are often one of the first to notice when a coworker is struggling or in need of additional support, which gives you the opportunity to show you care and help them. At times, it may be uncomfortable, but it can also be rewarding to be an advocate for mental well-being and create ripples of good mental health.

Remember that the Mental Well-Being Program isn’t just for coworkers. As a leader, it’s important for you to take care of your mental health, too, and the Mental Well-Being Program can assist. Plus, first-hand experience with the program can help you understand and promote it better.


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