Women in the Workplace

March is Women’s History Month! Women have played an important role in history and in contributions to society. While it is important to recognize that every household, relationship, and situation is uniquely different, there is a term that has come to describe the often-unseen work of women within families—the emotional or mental load.

According to Newsweek, the emotional or mental load is best described as “a term for the invisible labor that comes from managing a household and family.” To be clear, any individual, no matter their gender, can carry the mental load within their household. It’s not exclusive to women; however, research shows that women are often more likely to be carrying the load. It’s worth noting that it does not always revolve around children being present in a household, either. Some ways that women may carry the emotional load include:


When it comes to mental health, the emotional load has the potential for many implications. Prolonged stress can lead to depression, anxiety, physical ailments, and strained relationships to name a few. Ways to help reduce the emotional load:


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