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The 3 Cs of ERC


We hire the best counselors and invest heavily in their ongoing development. We are not an ‘assess and referral’ service – our master’s level therapists work directly for ERC. Our EAP models are face-to-face, which is why we see up to a 95% resolution rate. Additionally, we aren’t tied to insurance plans or to health care providers (this is all we do). Our affiliates are not part of someone else’s network; they’re qualified, trained, and contracted directly by us, meeting the same high standards we require of our staff.


We’ve purposefully designed our business to be local. Because we live where we work, we aren’t just helping people, we are helping our community. We truly enhance lives by using the best in mental health strategies. We are always here, ready to help. Our phones are always answered by a person and there is always a counselor available. On those occasions when additional services are needed, we refer our clients to behavioral health experts we know and trust. Confidentiality is embedded in everything we do.


You are not just an employer to us – you are our partner. All of our customers are within three hours of our main office; the majority are within an hour. That means we talk to you, face-to-face, when you need us. We know your business, your culture, and your employees – we know your name. We look for ways to actively support you, to drive mental health awareness, and to maximize organizational performance, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a local municipality, a manufacturer, a non-profit or a small entrepreneur. We are an active part of our great community.