Ripple Effects of Good Mental Health

We help lift the mental health burdens that hold employees and their families back from their full potential. Because the most successful companies have employees who bring their whole selves to work.

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Everything we do at ERC comes down to one crucial question:

Will it help your employees (our clients) truly resolve whatever it is that’s holding them back from their full potential?

It’s the core of our mental health benefit because we know a commitment to true issue resolution achieves results, and our clients and customers agree.

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Impact in the Workplace


of U.S. employees report struggling with at least one issue that affected their mental health


of those diagnosed with a mental health disorder say they haven’t told their employee about their diagnosis


of full-time U.S. employees report that their productivity at work is negatively impacted by their mental health

Help your employees thrive.

The majority of employees struggle with at least one issue that impacts their mental health… And most say that it negatively impacts their work productivity, too.

For both employees and their leaders, it can be challenging, expensive, and time consuming to manage these issues without the proper resources.

ERC’s Employee Assistance Program partners with employers to provide employees and their families access to best-in-class mental health counseling and support services.

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ERC Difference


Because a trusted partner means peace of mind, knowing your employees are taken care of and you have a resource to rely on


Because breaking down barriers to care means more employees get the help they need, when they need it


Because knowledgeable counselors with enough sessions are key to resolving issues and helping employees reach their full potential

“We partner with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) because good health is not only physical, but also the mental aspects. ERC’s EAP is available for our employees and their families who need support. In addition to mental health, ERC is a great resource for addressing other challenges that many of us face in our everyday life. The mere fact that we offer an EAP benefit communicates to people the type of culture we support. Our employees know we care about them and their overall well-being.”

– – Sr. Human Resource Manager, Manufacturing Company

“The health and welfare of our employees is vital to the success of our business. When our employees (and their families) are in good health—physically and mentally—they are more able to focus on the job. When issues do arise, we want to provide an immediate, high-quality resource to assist in resolving the concerns. ERC has demonstrated the ability to provide personal and passionate counseling to our employees.”

– – General Manager, Engineering Company


How the ERC Process Works


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How the ERC Process Works


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A True Mental Health Benefit for Thriving Employees and Productive Organizations

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