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Frontline Supervisor

A tool for managers, supervisors, and team leaders to assist in having critical conversations, enhancing leadership skills and implementing our help when necessary.

The Frontline Supervisor January 2017

The Frontline Supervisor February 2017

The Frontline Supervisor March 2017

The Frontline Supervisor April 2017

The Frontline Supervisor May 2017

The Frontline Supervisor June 2017



EAP Connection   

La conexión EAP (Spanish)   

A monthly publication aimed at offering quick tips for employees and their families on creating a work-life balance and elevating overall mental health.                  

January 2017 (Self Reflection)

February (Salvaging Resolutions)

March 2017 (Being Positive)

April 2017 (Positive Relationship With Food)

May 2017 (Mental Health Through Exercise)

June 2017 (Reboot Your Family)

July 2017 (Volunteering)

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