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President and CEO, Steven Baue has added his experience and skills to ERC’s offerings of employee assistance and development services. Steve has more than 20 years’ experience in organizational development, human resources, and executive-level leadership, both domestically and internationally. Steve’s consulting services include:

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  • QUICK STRATEGIC PLANNING: A one day to one-and-a-half day process to develop and deliver a company’s aligned mission, vision and values, as well as actionable focus areas and strategic goals.
  • SUCCESSION PLANNING AS A DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: A comprehensive plan to address both current and future leadership needs through an analysis of skills, knowledge, qualities, experience and desire.
  • ASSESSMENT & COACHING: Executive coaching to offer real results, tailored to individuals and their responsibilities, using the best development tools including the Hogan Assessment Systems.
  • WORKFORCE PLANNING: A proprietary process to help companies develop fact-based, event-driven forecasts for positions needed to fulfill business or strategic plans and develop sources of talent to fill positions before they’re needed.
  • ATTRACTION/RETENTION ANALYSIS: Ensuring a company’s communication activities and actions are aligned to open up bigger and better talent pools.

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