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Employee Assistance Program


ERC: ASSIST’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employer sponsored, free standing program providing confidential assessment, short term counseling, referral and case management services for employees and their families.  ERC: ASSIST is both a service and a system.  As a service, the employee and their family members receive confidential and professional assistance in resolving problems that interfere with personal lives and job performance.  As a system, the organization receives a proven, self-contained program assuring high quality service in the most cost-effective manner.

ERC prides itself on being both successful in assisting clients with their specific issues and being fiscally accountable to its customers.  A typical ERC: ASSIST client / customer will see the following results:

  • Over 85% of ERC: ASSIST clients resolve their issues within the short-term (8-session model) counseling provided by the EAP, thereby reducing health plan expenditures.
  • 84% of ERC: ASSIST clients report quicker action in seeking care because ERC: ASSIST was available.
  • 77% of ERC: ASSIST clients report being better focused and less distracted by worries after using ERC: ASSIST services.
  • 59% of ERC: ASSIST clients report an improvement in their productivity and attendance after using ERC: ASSIST services.

 “There is a misconception that mental health should be something we manage on our own and should not need assistance with. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

                           — Steven Baue      [Chippewa Valley Business Report, July, 2015]